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Meet Our Industry Visionaries

Inject confidence into your business journey by joining forces with our team of industry visionaries. These industry experts are not just part of our flagship program, but they’re your personal team of business strategists and problem solvers.

Unlock unparalleled business insights

Our experts are more than just consultants. They’re seasoned professionals in their respective fields, ready to share their wealth of knowledge and industry-specific insights.

You’ll benefit from their years of experience, innovative ideas, and forward-thinking strategies, all tailored to your unique business needs.


Access to our Team, whenever you need it.

When you sign up for our flagship program, you gain more than just a service. You gain a team. Our experts are available to sit down with you, strategize, and problem-solve whenever you need them.

This personalized approach ensures that you always have the support you need, right when you need it.

Strategy Coaches




Brian is a long-time serial entrepreneur with experience in building a commercial real estate firm, property management company, an agency, a coffee shop chain. And now, since 2021 he’s been helping agency owners and B2B service providers scale and get the f**k out of operations and live life on your terms. When he’s not busy, you can find him munching on tacos.



Strategy Coach

Josh’s journey through SaaS and manufacturing culminated in co-founding a startup that soared to $40 million ARR. Post-exit in 2022, he shifted focus to helping businesses grow and to his family. Residing in Chicago, Josh contributes as a Strategy Coach, blending his professional acumen with a love for culinary exploration.



Strategy Coach

Austin spent over a decade in the staffing industry helping businesses hire effectively, including co-founding a staffing business and growing it to $17MM in ARR in 3 years. Since exiting in 2022, he’s shifted his focus to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and to spending more time with his family. When he’s not working, you’ll find him with his family hiking in the Colorado mountains.

Subject matter experts



Marketing Expert

Kas’s marketing leadership propelled a UK company to a successful IPO, showcasing his expertise in driving growth. Featured in Forbes, He’s a testament to creating impactful revenue streams and harbors a keen interest in nootropics. Kas embodies the spirit of innovation and achievement in the digital marketing landscape.


Jovana Josifoska

Project Manager

Jovana Josifoska is a seasoned project manager and documentation expert at Strategy Ladders, bringing eight years of robust project management experience to the table. Armed with an Engineering degree and a black belt in SCRUM and Agile methodologies, she has a knack for turning chaos into streamlined success stories. Jovana’s career is a testament to the power of strategic planning, stakeholder management, and team leadership.

When Jovana is not busy with project management, she’s often found weaving magic with AutoCAD and SketchUp, turning spaces into works of art. And when she’s not designing, you’ll catch her skiing down snowy slopes, roller skating with fitness.


DOUGLAS Quintero

Finance Manager

Douglas is a seasoned accountant to over 50 clients in the past 7 years, consistently guiding them and helping them keep their financials in order. He continued his studies in Spain, where he earn an MBA in Finance and another in Business Management. Now, he is also helping community members get the ladders up!

Doug Lawson


Chief Content Officer

Dubbed the “Godfather of the BOOM,” Doug revolutionized social media strategy, starting on Twitter 12 years ago. His expertise in content strategy has empowered numerous clients to expand their reach and revenue. Doug’s knack for creative ideation makes him a pivotal figure in digital marketing.



Chief Technology Officer

Rehan Saleem, the IT whiz who can make your motherboard blush and your servers sing. With 19 years of tech know-how, Rehan’s danced with more code than he can count. When he’s not saving the digital world, he’s strumming his guitar. Whether you need IT help or a jam session, Rehan’s your guy. Just pack your earplugs and a backup hard drive – things might get rock and roll!

Core team



Executive Assistant

Maria brings over 15 years of high-level executive support experience to the team, with a background in nutrition from Universidad de Buenos Aires. Her commitment to excellence and wellness is evident both in her professional role and in her personal life as a yoga and meditation enthusiast, sports aficionado, and community volunteer.



Program Coordinator

Denis stands out with his expertise in project management, PMO implementation, and process innovation. His global education and leadership roles, notably as director of PMI São Paulo Chapter, underscore his commitment to professional excellence. Denis’s thought leadership, demonstrated in co-authoring “Where was your dream to go,” reflects his mission to inspire others. He also thrives on fostering idea exchange at TEDx events.


Ash Smith

Sales Manager

Ash, also known as “The Old Man” is a Psycologist and has been driven to improve human performance for the past 8 years. He initially served within the UK Government under the Minister for Education before transitioning to scale several startups. Throughout his journey, Ash has excelled in building and managing sales teams of 30 or more. As his nickname suggests his favourite hobbies are Gardening, Reading and Badminton!



Lead Operations Manager

Anara, a Ph.D. (c) in business and management, is the bee of internal operations and a lifelong learner addicted to challenges. When not conquering business frontiers, she’s making tea, hiking worldwide, or cooking culinary wonders.



Project Lead

Leonardo graduated with a BSc in Chemistry with Business Management. With a keen interest in data analysis and marketing, he found a home for this combination of skills in digital marketing. Hobbies include a passion for e-sports and a love for cooking hearty home meals.



Process Mapping Specialist

Jannat, with a BSCS in Software Engineering, brings a diverse skill set from business analysis to technical writing. Her contributions to Fintech and her proactive involvement in community welfare highlight her multifaceted personality. Beyond her technical prowess, Jannat’s creative side shines through in music and calligraphy.



Tech Lead

Mubshar is a talented software engineer specializing in web development, where he brings creativity and precision to every project he undertakes. As a dedicated web developer, he combines technical expertise with a keen eye for design, crafting seamless and visually appealing online experiences. Outside of coding, Mubshar finds joy in the company of his cherished cat, enjoying moments of relaxation and companionship.



Digital Marketing Consultant

Aqeel is a seasoned professional with 10+ years of expertise in lead generation, customer success management, and online marketing. Known for his ability to deliver tailored solutions and exceed targets, he’s passionate about innovation and staying ahead of industry trends. Aqeel’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction make him a valuable asset in any professional setting.



SEO Strategist

Ali, an SEO maestro, with a knack for optimizing digital presence. Armed with analytical prowess and a creative flair, he crafts strategies to boost online visibility and drive organic traffic. By day, he fine-tunes algorithms; by night, he immerses himself in virtual games, battling foes and conquering quests.



E-mail Marketing Strategist

Wilfred is a seasoned email marketing strategist with over three years of experience in the field. He specializes in crafting highly effective email campaigns that drive engagement, conversions, and revenue for his clients. With his deep understanding of customer behavior and segmentation techniques, Wilfred has consistently delivered outstanding results for businesses across various industries


Web Designer

Always looking for self-improvement and willing to experiment with new possibilities and take challenges that can squeeze out the best. Throughout his career, he always tried to ensure that the passion and enthusiasm for his work has shone through. With a passion for 10 years of hands-on experience in creative design and a proven track record in delivering visually compelling solutions in UX/UI web design and graphic/ brand design.



Head of Sales

The captain of the sales ship navigates the seas of revenue with finesse and determination. Closing deals with paws as a handshake, they’re the ultimate sales savants.



Chief Meowketing Officer

Master of the purrmotion game, blending marketing finesse with feline charm. Catapulting brands to the top of the kitty kingdom, one whisker at a time.



Meowketing Manager

Purrfectly blending marketing prowess with a love for all things feline. Turning “paws” into profit, one whisker at a time. Fast & furious.

Zoey and Sparkie


Cuteness Managers

Curators of charm and adorableness, ensuring maximum “aww” factor in every interaction. Masterminds behind the cuteness overload.



Head of Cuddling

Chief purrsonal space invader, spreading warmth and fuzziness wherever they go. Snuggles guaranteed!

Miss Audrey


Security Manager

Guardian of peace and order, keeping chaos at bay with a vigilant eye and a stern paw. No mice or intruders allowed!