The Strategy Ladders Community Program

put your business to work for you!

Stop working in your business and turn it into an asset that provides you with the lifestyle you want to live.

👉 If you could buy an insurance policy on your business goals, would you?

The Strategy Ladders program has been called “the closest thing to an insurance policy you can buy for your business goals.”

Until now, that program has only been available to clients willing to invest more than $50k per year into coaching & growth.
For the last six months, the Strategy Ladders team has been hard at work, developing a program that delivers the same results as our flagship 1:1 program, but at a fraction of the cost.

We built this program because:

😎You’re here because you already know we’re awesome, and deliver results.
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First 10 members to join: $500 / month for life


👉 Second 10 members to join: $650 / month for life

👉 For a very limited time: $1195 per month

Don’t Take Our Word For It

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Here’s what we’re offering you

Who We Built This For

We’re working with two types of people with a B2B Service Businesses:

👉 Current Solopreneurs

You’re making $8,333+ per month ($100k / year) with your solopreneuring (yes, it’s a word. I made it up.)

👉 Founders & Co-Founders

With teams of 5 or less and a business that is looking to scale quickly.

🔴 I’ve heard enough; I’m in.

What You Get


Weekly Accountability small group sessions paired with weekly performance check-ins coordinated by an experienced business coach.


Slack community lead by Subject Matter Experts in the field that is needed for your particular phase of scaling


Monthly Community Hot Seat sessions to help solve pressing issues in your business

Tick 2

Takes most people two years to get the f🤬k out of their business but you will see progress in 90-days or less.


Weekly Scorecard review with assigned small group members


Strategy Ladders Subject Matter Experts Live Open Office sessions


Strategy Assessment and Building

Tick 6

Community Directory of Active Members




Surprise guests (we vouch for them, they’re cool)


Non-stop support and Ass Kicking


Strategy Assessment and Building

You have a two year path to get to where you want to be.

You’ll put your business to work for you.

You will have the choice to work ON your Business, sell your Business, Start a new Business, or just work less

Fine print: The two year trajectory only applies if you do exactly what we tell you to do. This shit works. All you need to do is apply it.

🔴 I’ve heard enough; I’m in.

Our Fundamental Philosophy

Our ultimate goal is to make your business independent of its founders (YOU!).

We do this because our fundamental philosophy is to maximize the enterprise value of our clients’ businesses. The

fastest path to increase the value of your business is to build the business so that it is not dependent on you.

Why we focus on B2B service businesses

Service businesses are pretty simple. There are only a small handful of “levers” we can pull in a service business. This means that we can make changes very quickly, and there are limited unexpected results. We’re also experts in the growth of this type of business. That’s why we have created a strategy and accountability structure that is as close as you can get to an insurance policy on your business growth goals.

The Stages of an Entrepreneur and the Gauntlet

Many of us started our business journey as a freelancer exchanging our time for money. Some us will move into the soloprenuer journey when we make the decision to build a business that has the intention to grow beyond yourself. Some of us will grow our agencies and become Business Operators.

All Business Operators have an eye on becoming a Business Owner, but very few founders make it there. Most get stuck operating their business until they burn out or settle for selling their business for a painfully low number.

We call the transition through business operator to business owner, the “Gauntlet”. We navigate you through the gauntlet quickly by keeping you in growth mode and out of grind mode. Grind mode is when your strategic expenses exceed your revenue, so you’re stuck grinding for dollars. Growth mode is when your revenue exceeds your strategic expenses so you can grow 🚀

[Most] Coaching Sucks

Most consulting and coaching options suck. Most coaches are coaches because they can’t build a business of their own. Many “business coaches” only have experience building one business: their coaching business. Consultants often have a singular specialty and/or a rigid program that they move clients through.

Both options suck for business owners.

That’s why we operate differently.

The Strategy Ladders Program 2.0

The flagship Strategy Ladders Program 2.0 is different. Our entrepreneur clients work with a strategy coach who helps them develop a strategy specific to their business and its needs. Then the strategy coach holds them accountable to executing the plan and supports them throughout their journey.

Clients are also surrounded by Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) whose expertise they can tap into as they develop different parts of their business. SME’s are industry veterans and tactical experts with a specific domain of expertise.

Accountability is core to The Strategy Ladders Program 2.0. Not only does the Strategy Coach help you design your plan, they hold you accountable to executing it. This level of support & accountability creates an environment where “it is hard for you not to grow.”


The beauty of this program is that it adapts to the needs of you and your business, where it is today. It’s not a rigid “agency in a box” type of program nor is it a strict set of steps to follow that your business may not need. The program delivers what you need, when you need it.

Support, accountability, and adaptability makes this approach unstoppable. Clients do the strategic growth work while consistently executing the basics, making GROWTH ALMOST INEVITABLE.

What to Expect

Focus Group Calls:

Every week, you’ll meet with your Focus Group. This group is 4-8 peers who are going through similar challenges as you. These calls are run by a Strategic Coach and last for 75 minutes. These calls are used to identify & overcome challenges in your business growth, develop strategies, and help you identify the resources you need to take your business to the next level.
Time commitment: 75 min / week

Accountability Calls:

Every Friday, you’ll meet with your Focus Group. During these calls, your group will review what you committed to completing that week and what you actually did. You’ll be reviewing both your strategic plan and your metrics scorecard. This accountability structure leaves you nowhere to hide.
Time commitment: 20-30 min / week

Slack Community:

You’ll be added to our Slack community, giving you direct access to all other members of the Community Program, Subject Matter Experts, and Strategic Coaches. There are private channels for you to communicate with your Focus Group. Each SME has their own channel so that you can ask for specific support on the challenges you’re facing.

If you have a challenge, question, or idea, the Slack community should always be your first stop.

Time commitment: 75 min / week

SME Office Hours:

Each Subject Matter Expert holds office hours twice a month. Office hours give you a chance to ask SME’s questions and get their insight, support, and expertise on any challenge facing your business.
Time commitment: 1 hour + / week (optional)

Hot Seats:

Twice a month, we run Hot Seat calls with the community. On each call, two community members bring challenges that they are facing in their business to a panel of three SME’s and strategy coaches. The calls are open for all community members to watch – these calls are an entertaining and educational way to fast track your business knowledge.
Time commitment: 1 hour + / month (optional)

Don’t Take Our Word For It

👉 Ready to get started now?

Not ready yet?

No worries, there’s more to read 👇

The Investment

To make this program successful, you need to consider two types of investment.

Time ⏳

Approx 3-4 Hours per week

(a minimum of 2 hours)

This includes time on Focus Group Calls, Accountability Calls, SME Office Hours, Hot Seat Calls, and Slack Community engagement.

Money 💰

$1195 per month
Your initial commitment is 3 months. After three months, your membership converts to month-to-month. But don’t worry, you won’t want to cancel any time soon! We designed this program to deliver value to our clients for 2 years or more.

The Team

Brian Smith

Founder & Strategy Coach

brian smith


strategy coach

josh bonham


Marketing Expert

kas andz


Strategy Coach



chief content officer

doug lawson

🛑  Still Not Convinced?

This program probably isn’t for you!

We are only working with clients who are 110% committed to scaling and getting the f🤬k out of their business, no excuses.
Businesses that can run independently of their owner aren’t TicTacs. No one is handing them out for free.
We got here by working our assess off, making mistakes, trying again, working our assess off until we were left ass-less, and never giving up.
This program is not an easy button. You will work. Hard.
🏁 We are competitive as f*ck. Not because we’re douchebags (we are 🤷‍♂️), but because business is like sports, and in sports, you win, or you get one of those tiny little participation trophies, and who wants one of those? Expect to get your ass kicked each and every week because this is serious shit.
We’re here to make sure that 100% of your effort goes into actions that grow your business.

You must be committed to:

We’ve got some awesome extras:

🥳 And more surprises to come!


Super amazing special guests who will help you level up your game.


Maybe even a group trip or two to Mexico to meet in person 🤫


Slack community of entrepreneurs building their empire along side you.


Building a network that will last a lifetime

We’ve got some awesome extras:

Let’s do this.

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