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November 21, 2023

Grady Newman, Founder of Resi

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Grady Newman, founder of Resi, a multifamily marketing platform, begins by sharing the growth of his team from four to ten members within a year. He attributes this significant expansion to working with Brian and the Strategy Ladders program.

Services Provided by Strategy Ladders

Grady emphasizes the impact of Strategy Ladders on his mindset and approach to problem-solving. The program helped him elevate the nature of the problems he tackled, propelling the business in the desired direction. He notes the transformative effect of developing systems and processes that allowed him to step back from micromanaging and focus on higher-level strategic thinking.

Key Achievements

Under Brian’s guidance, Grady has seen remarkable progress in transitioning Resi from feeling like a one-man operation to a real company with a structured team. A key achievement is establishing an entire product development team, driving forward the software aspect of the business. This shift represents a significant move from an agency model towards becoming a software company.


Grady acknowledges his own stubborn nature, yet credits Brian and Strategy Ladders with providing the necessary impetus for change. Describing Brian’s influence as a “swift kick in the butt,” Grady highlights the importance of external motivation and guidance in achieving business growth. He expresses his satisfaction with the outcomes of the collaboration, suggesting that such decisive and direct intervention was exactly what he and his business needed to advance to the next stage. This case study with Resi showcases Strategy Ladders’ ability to effectively guide business owners through critical transformations and growth phases.

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